Sunday, January 2, 2011

Boxing Day

Okay, so we don't really have "Boxing Day," but it sounds good.  We do celebrate the day after Christmas, known as the "2nd Christmas Day" - meaning the 2nd day after the 24th. 

We celebrated at Jan's sister's with the extended family.  The matriarch of their family was there, Noemi's oldest sister, visiting from Prague along with good friends.  It was a merry time.

Adrian at almost 5 1/2

Blaise liked the "auto" ornament

Taking apart the tree

Vroom, Vroom

Hmm, some of these have to be for me!

Blaise enjoyed playing with the nativity

Lady Kate

Blaise really enjoyed playing with his new girlfriend

He kept taking her hand and leading her over to the nativity

B with other new girlfriend - soon to become new babysitter

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Jen said...

Merry Christmas! I love the pictures of Blaise at the nativity with his "girlfriends". He's getting really grown up!! Lady Kate is so beautiful!! What a special Christmas it must have been for you and your family.

We watched our wedding video over the new year and it was fun seeing you and Jan boogie on the dance much has changed in 8 years, but it sort of felt like yesterday too!!!