Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning we leisurely spent at home.  The advantage to being multicultural is that you receive a visit from the Christkind AND Santa Claus :)  Santa Claus knew that Blaise would enjoy his own play kitchen since he likes to mimic Daddy.  My mom stocked the kitchen with new finds as well as many of my old supplies.  Keeping with Scofield Santa tradition, we didn't wrap these presents.  It is easier for us and we use less wrapping paper this way!


Checking out his first class kitchen

Kate hanging out in her favorite spot

Delivering stockings

I liked this shot of Kate - so happy!

Blaise immediately started creating his menu


Grandma and Grandpa enjoying Blaise's enthusiasm


We spent the evening at Jan's mom's where Blaise was once again happy to unwrap more gifts.

Sitting down to a delicious meal

Lego Duplo was a big hit this year

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MichelleK said...

Looking at your Christmas pictures made me so happy! Such a happy and beautiful Christmas. I love the kitchen set...I think Blaise has more kitchen utensils than I have real ones in my kitchen :)