Monday, September 27, 2010

The Adventures of Alexander and Blaise x 2

We met up a couple times this summer with our friends, Parthena and Frank (retrace our steps here and not here, because I apparently never blogged about our get-together earlier this year).  Their son is just a few weeks younger than Blaise and they are great playmates.  Recently we went out to Hanau for lunch and their yearly Volksfest and earlier in the summer they came to Ingelheim for lunch and a visit to the Tigers, Bunnies and Goats.

Blaise ready for lunch

My baby

Riding on the story telling bus at the Volksfest

Manning the bus

Two busy bus drivers

Who's driving the bus?

Riding the train with Mommy

Frank and Alexander

Sadness ensues after our turn is over

Earlier this summer:

Two monkeys

Story Time

Blaise ♥'s Alexander

Kinder Cappuccino

Parthena and Alexander checking out the goats

I think Parthena had more fun than the boys at our mini zoo

Here is a belly picture - I think from July

Alexander and the Bunnies


Jen said...

They like such good little buddies!

Love that belly shot too. You better get a current one, the baby will be here soon! :-)

jenlnew said...

Best buds, so cute to watch them play together!

You are looking fabulous, mama! : )

IUgirl78 said...

Glad you finally put a belly shot on here!!

How fun that the boys can look back to when they were babies and became buddies. So cute!