Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Retro Toys


jenlnew said...

I LOVED that record player! LOVE that your mom saved all that stuff and even wrote on it to remember the memory! Was just reading a book tonight to the kids that she wrote in (I got their Halloween stuff out, is that forbidden? LOL!). It was to Avery and she wrote GO SOX in it, the year they were in the playoffs for the WS. Awesome memory! WHERE in the world did she store all that stuff and HOW in the world did she get it all there? : )

Tracy said...

I had that record player, too!!!

Seriously, how did your mom store all that stuff even after your parents sold their house?!?

Michelle said...

Halloween is definitely not forbidden in September :)

Pretty sure she stored stuff all over the county once they sold their house - Grandma's attic, my Godmother's crawl space and they had a storage unit for awhile, but I think that is gone now.

She really is a great packer and brought most of the stuff in her luggage. Which means she ships her pajamas when she comes to visit.

IUgirl78 said...

I had that record player, too!!! I would have forgotten all about if I hadn't seen your post. Your mom is seriously the coolest. I think my mom was just so grateful to get rid of all of our stuff...just another reason to have a garage sale. ;) Great pictures!