Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Morning

I was reprimanded for not being more diligent about blogging. Fair enough...I'm hoping to catch up with our summer activies. I'm super excited about the fall and the beginning of September makes me all giddy. Lots of fun things to blog about coming up!

I thought I'd take some videos of our morning. This is of course only a small portion, but you get the idea of how funny and cute Blaise is. He really seems to be in a great stage of understanding, but still baby-like at the same time.

My Mom was interested in seeing Blaise walk with his (my old) toys. He is clearly becoming more opinionated:

It is really hard to take videos of him because he's always wanting to SEE them at the same time. Here are some of his words:

He used to say "ball" like "bau," now for some reason he says "bee"...I don't know...

He LOVES this (forbidden*) Christmas book. It was a present to me from MY Grandma and Grandpa Scofield in November of 1980 after a day of Christmas shopping.
*It's not really forbidden, it is just that Grandma Rose feels Christmas books should only be read during Christmas season. I'm not so much a stickler for tradition (in this case), I'm all about Christmas music before Thanksgiving! ;)

We fixed the window in the forbidden book - here is Blaise demonstrating his "thank-you" sign:

He starting hidding in the cute little cubby hole in his room yesterday. He was pretty excited about the results :)

Here he is turning around to head back to hide:

He is really good at puzzling. I started giving him two at once with the pieces mixed to up the challenge.

This was (I think) the first puzzle that he mastered. It's great with the knobs!

This and the first animal puzzle both were mine when I was little. Grandma Rose sure does have some storing skills! Not only is it nostaglic, but great recycling! (or is that upcycling?)


Tracy said...

I love that age. :-)

He's so gentle with his toys! I have to hide puzzles and pop-up books, or Lily destroys them (or the dogs eat pieces, anyway).

jenlnew said...

Such a fun age, this is when his personality begins to shine through! So fun to see all the toys that were once a favorite of yours, I can't believe your mom stored all of that for you! Where did she keep it all? Glad you are posting again! ; )

MichelleK said...

Yay! I have been checking (and waiting) for updates :) Miss my little buddy!
Love that he has your old puzzles, very neat! Cool that your mom kept I wish I hadn't told my mom to quit hoarding and start throwing old stuff away :)

APMom said...

Ok, I know this post was really all about Blaise, but I couldn't help but get stuck on the comment about Christmas music before Thanksgiving. :) Did you say that you don't listen to it? I am pretty sure you used to play Christmas music at all times of the year in college. Just saying...

Michelle said...

Kel - I definitely meant that I am not a stickler for tradition, proven by the fact that I DO listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving :)