Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tschüss, Grandma Rose and Grandpa Lynn

My mom and dad left on Tuesday after staying with us since mid-December. They were a great help and a huge support, especially during Blaise's hospital stay. They took over vacuuming, laundry, window-washing, shopping and much more. They also kept me hydrated all day with water and tea. It was a blessing to have them here for so long to help out, but above all so that they could share in the beginning of Blaise's life. Thank you both for your time and effort! We love you!


IUgirl78 said...

I bet it was so hard to watch them go! I also bet the feeling was mutual. What a blessing that they could share that time with you!

APMom said...

It certainly is special to have your parents around with a newborn. I'm sure they will be counting the days (if not the hours) until they get to see you guys again!