Saturday, March 7, 2009

2 months old - March 7, 2009

Dear Blaise,

Today you are two months old – how is that possible? What we didn’t think possible, you have made possible…how can we love you more every day?

You had a big month! We had many appointments with your pediatrician, physical therapist, osteopathic doctor, check-up in the hospital and a preventative hip ultrasound. You did wonderful and your doctors are all happy with your recovery and progress. We also made a trip into Frankfurt to the US Consulate to register your birth abroad and apply for your passport. You will be all ready for your first flight in September to the US! We also made a visit to Bockenheim to visit Sarah, Kurt and little Vivien at the winery (

We celebrated your baptism with friends and family at St. Quintin’s church. It was a wonderful celebration and you were such a good boy. It was such a special day. You wore Mommy’s baptismal gown, Grandma Rose baked you a yummy cake and Auntie Andrea is your proud Godmother.

Your first Karnival came and went without you noticing much, but we had a good time. You had a sweet little Karnvial scarf you borrowed from Baby Adrian. We spent Rosenmontag at Jen and Martin’s watching the parade from their apartment. We had an exciting afternoon especially since we found out that you’ll soon have a little playmate come September! (Congratulations again, Jen and Martin!!!)

You are much more alert now and have gained weight like a champ. You have started cooing and are playing with your baby gym. It is fun to watch how concentrated you are and determined to reach your goals. You now also like playing with your mobile in your bed. You get so excited about it and are very smiley in the morning. We like to listen to music with you – everything from baby lullabies to Norah Jones to John Denver :)

Thank you for enriching our lives!

We love you!



jenlnew said...

So sweet! Make sure you print these for his baby book, in case you can't access them in the future for some unknown reason.

APMom said...

Wow! 2 months old already! Enjoy every minute, they go by quickly and babies change so much in such a short time.

IUgirl78 said...

I love the letters that you're writing to Blaise. I'm sure he'll appreciate them someday, too. :)