Thursday, March 19, 2009

Abbi and Andre come to visit!

My very good friend from college, Abbi, came to visit with her husband, Andre. They got married last September and planned their Italian honeymoon during Abbi's spring break. Before they got started on their museum, gelato and pasta adventure, they stopped by in Germany to visit us. We aren't kidding ourselves though, they really came to see Blaise :) It was great having them here, even if it was only a few short days. We relaxed, toured around the city with the baby buggy - Andre quickly became an expert pusher - and caught up on the last few months. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Andre...hopefully Abbi got one of him and Blaise. If my calculations are correct, Abbi is now tied with Jen Kler for number of visits to Germany (excluding my parents of course). Again, our door is always open and we have a guest room :) Hope to see you soon!

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Jen said...

That's so great that Abbi and Andre came to visit. I bet they loved getting to see your new addition!!