Monday, May 11, 2009

Renewable Energy

I recently started looking around to see if I could find a cheaper provider for electricity. Jen's husband, Martin, recommended a green energy provider and I checked them out online. I found a great website for price comparisions and quickly found that the green energy provider was actually cheaper than our current provider! I signed us up! Beginning in July, we will receive 100% of our electricity from water power. The company buys the electricity from a river in Austria. I am so excited! We will save about €200 the first year AND I have a warm and fuzzy feeling that we are using green energy!


jenlnew said...

When you were typing this were you just a bit "fuzzy" from lack of sleep or was Blaise being "fussy"? LOL! Just teasing ya! I wonder if that's available here?

Michelle said...

opps! :)

i did a quick google search in english to try and find a provider in the US. I came up with some in england and australia, but nothing in the US which was quickly find-able. maybe if you look more closely than i did, it would be possible. i think there are a ton of solar panels out west, maybe they sell that energy??