Sunday, May 17, 2009

Caféhaus Schröder

Anyone who knows Jan, knows what a coffee snob he is :) He has been lusting over this espresso machine for some time now, but buying it new is quite the investment. A colleague of his was hoping to sell it in their intranet marketplace, but apparently wasn't up for the negotiating and gave it to Jan for free. (except for the shipping cost, since the colleague works at a different location) The guy did say that it needed to be cleaned and fixed...

Jan was horrified at the condition the machine was in, but...

... was looking forward to the project of getting it running again.

The shining finished product

The first espresso attempt

It works!

Two things:
1) Jan is worried my Dad is going to be mad at him once my Mom gets here in two weeks and tastes the espresso and then desires her own personal professional machine.
2) Jan is looking forward to a visit from his espresso buddy, Jeremy! :)


Jen said...

That is beautiful!!! I wish I could taste a cup. Jan does good work and is of course a connoisseur of coffee. I love his ambition in fixing the broken machine, patiently making it work again in order to create a fantastic cup of esspresso. I'm sure it made it taste that much better.

Jen said...

I was telling Jeremy about this post and he can't wait to try a cup of Jan's esspresso. He then was talking about how they would stop for a cup every chance they got during our trip together. No wonder we packed so much in...all that caffeine goes a long way!