Friday, May 1, 2009

One year ago today...

I found out I was pregnant! I had convinced myself I wasn't pregnant, but took a test anyway since I was up at 6am in the morning. I was 14 days past ovulation so I figured the test would be definitive either way. Much to my surprise, it was positive. After confirming with another test, I finally made my way back into the bedroom to tell Jan. He initially thought something was wrong since I was so hysterical - but hysterical in a good way :) May 1st is a holiday in Germany, as it is in much of the world, it is Labor Day. So, we had the day off, although neither of us can remember what we did! I called my doctor the next day (Friday) and saw him on Monday, then again the following Friday before we flew to the US on Saturday morning!

Can't believe we've had Blaise in our lives now for almost four months! What a great journey it has been!

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APMom said...

What a thrilling, awesome, and somewhat scary (but in a good way) feeling to know you are pregnant! So happy Blaise was the final "product". :)