Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back Home Again in Indiana...

We are in the final prep phase of our May trip and I just wanted to update our dates. If we can meet up with anyone along the way that would be great! Joerg will be traveling with us since we are all invited to the wedding in NYC.

May 10th: Arrive Wash DC, staying in Baltimore with Carrie
May 13th/14th: Train to NYC - staying with MRoark, Lindsey's wedding on the 17th, Yankees game on the 18th
May 19th: Fly to Chicago - stay with parents
22nd/23rd: Drive to Bloomington with parents - stay at IMU :)
25th: Indy 500
27th: Fly home from Chicago

Time is pretty tight this time unfortunately, but if we can work something out with any of you we'll do our best!


IUgirl78 said...

I didn't know you were coming back home in May!! I'll be at the Indy 500 as well--wouldn't miss it! I would love to meet up while we're there. If it's like the years past, we might have some time during a rain delay while they're drying the track. Ha! Let's hope not this year. But I'd still love to see you! Where are your tickets? We're in the main straightaway across from the pits.

Michelle said...

It would be awesome to meet up with you. Our tickets are all the way up in the 3rd turn - like a mile from you :) Maybe we can meet before the race in the middle for a drink?

APMom said...

I don't think I knew you were planning a trip in May either. I would love to see you guys, but I'm not sure it will work out this time. I think the only days you have available are during the week and those are the days I absolutely don't have available as it's the very end of the school year. Not sure the big boss man would like it too much if I took time off then. If there's a way we can work it out, it would be great to get together.