Monday, October 11, 2010

Check it out

Don't forget to check out the lastest From All Corners post!  "October" was my choice of theme and I had a hard time picking a picture - not because all of mine were so good, but because I didn't really think I captured every angle of what I wanted to say.  Remember last year when I was mourning fall?  Well, I've really tried to appreciate the season even more this year.  The picture I had in my head that I would have loved to have the opportunity to capture was of the Red Barn on IN State Road 46 heading east to Brown County from Bloomington.  You come up the hill and the pretty Red Barn is on your right and you look out over a beautiful fall spectacle.  I tried to find a picture online to share with you non-Hoosiers, but surprisingly, I couldn't find one.  :(  Anyone have one??


Tracy said...

I like your subtle arrow, ha. :-)

jenlnew said...

I love your photo! And I love the blog! I wish I was as talented! Or that I had a better camera! : ) We are heading to Brown County next weekend for our final camping trip of the year! VERY excited and hoping the leaves are still very much on the trees and painted with color! Just so happens that BC is having their Halloween celebration the same weekend, its going to be tons of fun! Hope we get to see that bridge along the way!

IUgirl78 said...

Beautiful!!! We were just in Brown County last weekend, so I totally could've snapped a shot for you. I love what you captured, though...your pics are so good, Michelle!