Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our New Abode, Part 1

I have been asked a few times to post some pictures of our new place.  I keep putting it off, because I don't feel like we are "done" yet...but I can probably wait another year and still not feel "done."  So, I thought I'd take some videos.  I started today and will add at least another 2 in this series.  ;)  I forgot to mention some things in the video:

1) you can't see the ceiling, which I really like, it is wood - I'll add that in another video,

2)  you can see the grill outside on the balcony, I think we've used it over 50% of the time since we got it as a housewarming gift from my cousin Kim,

3) also on the balcony I think you can see a plastic storage container to the left - that is Blaise's pool (which I just realized you CAN'T actually see, but now you know that it is there),

4)  we got most of our pictures hung, but two are still missing - the small turtle to the left of the couch we bought at an art fair in Maui, and the one over the couch we got from our friend Jörg a few Christmases ago,

5) you see a half painted white cabinet in the kitchen, two families ago someone started messing around with paint and apparently didn't like it.  Not sure what we are going to do about it (if anything at this point).

Another thing besides the open floor plan and wooden ceiling that we both like about this place was that it comes with underfloor heating, which will be great for little feet and little bellies! (not to mention big feet (and big bellies!))!

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jenlnew said...

You have a beautiful place! Love the high ceilings and the balcony! Can't wait to see the rest! Maybe someday we can see it in person! ; ) Hope you are feeling well!