Sunday, December 6, 2009

St. Nicholas Day

I grew up celebrating St. Nicholas Day - it is a holiday celebrated by Catholics and some other Christian religions.  St. Nicholas was a bishop and got a name for giving children gifts and so the tradition of Santa Claus began.  Every year on December 5th, I would put my shoes outside my bedroom door and in the morning they would be filled with all sorts of goodies.  I specifically remember Christmas socks and Christmas watches.  Nikolaus is also celebrated in Germany, so we had some fun with it this year.  Nikolaus visited our local mall on Saturday with gifts for the children, as you can see Blaise was more interested in his angel sidekick. :)

We set Blaise loose this morning to discover his St. Nicholas Day treats, a book and CD (the candy cane was only for show):

Gunflint Trail Trapdoor PJs from Grandma and Grandpa

Getting ready for bed tonight in his St. Nicholas Day gift from Grandma and Grandpa - Santa PJs!

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