Monday, December 8, 2008

Crunchy Clean

I have been researching the whole cloth diapering thing for the past few months - have I mentioned the addictiveness? An important part of the whole process is the detergent used, because it needs to be free of chemical additives, enzymes and things that will not rinse out and therefore make the diaper non-absorbent.

One of my favorite online forums is geared towards eco-friendly living with a heavy focus on babies and diapering. A lot of the women in this forum recommend Crunchy Clean diaper detergent. The owner of this online shop is a stay-at-home-mom and runs the business out of house. Her websites:

I really wanted to try the Crunchy Clean after reading all the wonderful reviews so I contacted the owner and worked out what shipping would be. It wasn't too expensive so I ordered the large portion to prep and fluff my diapers for Baby S. There are so many yummy flavors, but I decided on Reindeer Poo :) (Reindeer Poo - apples and pears; followed by middle notes of eucalyptus, pine, and geranium; and well-balanced with base notes of vanilla, cedarwood, and patchouli)

The detergent is easily transportable since it is powder.


White powder.

See where I am going with this?

I got a letter from the customs office asking me to come with an invoice and a description of what the article is to their office. Great, I thought. There goes my Crunchy Clean. Ironically, last night while reading yesterday's posts on the forum a woman told her story of the FBI arriving with her postmaster at her door. I guess it's not just the German government.

Once I actually found the customs office I was about 10 minutes late - the window they hand out packages was only open until noon. Accommodating. Anyway, the woman who worked there was super nice and I must have looked pitiful (and I tried to sound pitiful and gave her a story about having walked so far... - all the time trying to stick my belly out as far as possible! - ...which I had, because the map from the internet took me first to the wrong place). She went and got my package and I just had to show an invoice of what the actual cost was, well I didn't have an invoice. I showed her an email I had sent with the total and she was fine with that. She was like, 'what is this? It smells so good!' Me: 'Reindeer poo'


Can't wait to put it into action!


Tracy said...

Too funny!!!

That's going to be one sweet smelling baby butt.

IUgirl78 said...

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh--even though I'm sure the whole ordeal was not funny when you were trying to track down your "reindeer poo!" The sacrifices you make for being eco-friendly!

Jen said...

That is so funny! Glad to hear your reindeer poo made it! I just saw that there are only 27 days, basically no time at all! :-)