Monday, March 24, 2008

Christos Voskres

We had Easter at our place complete with an Easter Egg hunt for those of us under 3. The whole fam was here to enjoy the festivies. Here are the nifty decorations:

The joyous group of Easter celebrators:

The hilariousness of the Easter Egg Hunt - in our living room:

checking under the TV for goodies

Adrian had actually already found this piece of chocolate in the couch a few times before the hunt had begun, but apparently forgot it was there. He was pretty bewildered even as we were trying to help him locate it. He is so smart that it was kinda fun to see him puzzled again.

"it's mine!"

Lovin' the squeels

tuckered out at the end of a long hunt


Jen said...

What a wonderful Easter! Adrian looks so much like Jan. He's too cute. I'm glad you enjoyed your day with Jan's family!! Did Jan do the cooking? How did the Easter bread turn out? My mom bought ours...not as good as the real thing, I'm sure. :-)

IUgirl78 said...

First of all, I love how your home is decorated! (Not just the Easter decorations, which were super cute, but I'm talking about the wall colors and the artwork, etc. I bet it looks even better in person!)

Second, it looks like Adrian had a blast with the egg hunt! (And I'm sure all of the adults had a blast just watching him.) :) He is just too cute!

IUgirl78 said...

By the way, is there a specific tradition about Easter bread? Is it a German thing or a Catholic thing?