Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blaise Turned the Big 3!

We had a Big Birthday Celebration for Blaise before Grandma and Grandpa returned home. Blaise requested a "race car" cake from Grandma, so they got to work making that happen.

He was pretty excited about the finished product.

 Then they set to work making "3" shaped cookies for him to take to Kindergarten for his class. 

I canNOT believe my little guy is already three years old! Where have these years gone? Although the growing number of grey hair I keep finding assures me that time is passing (at a perhaps accelerated rate?). The interview from his Birthday Book:
Me: What were some of your favorite birthday gives this year?
B:    Playmobil Camper

Me: Tell me what you think of when I say these words:
Me: Home:
B:    My Backyard
Me: Favorite Color
B:    Red

Me: What's the last think you were sad about?
B:    Nothing

Me: What makes you really really happy?
B:    My birthday, my balloons

Me: Are you scared of anything?
B:    Nothing

Me: What do you think you'd like to be when you grow up?
B:    Drive a car

Me: Who's the last person you kissed?
B:    Nothing.

Me: Who's your best buddy?
B:    Kay-Kay (Kate)

I really love this big little guy!!


IUgirl78 said...

Ryan had fun reading these with me. ;) Blaise is such a cutie!!! Happy Birthday, Blaise!

Jim said...

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