Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I married my Dad

Got this (very sweet) Mother's Day card in the mail today from my Mom and Dad. Not sure I deserved it, after all the years of shirking card responsibility myself, but nonetheless it was appreciated. I hope I can live up to my parents' image of how great a Mom they think I am - at least I had a good example. The humorous part is of course how my Mom addressed the envelope. As she wrote she was probably remembering me reprimanding her for addressing things to "Mr. and Mrs. Jan Schröder" and how I threatened not to open them if they came that way (although, maybe I only made that threat in head?). I thought the mistake was cute, and this is not a way to publicly "call her out" - it just maybe shows how it isn't so easy to let go, even after all these years.  I am starting to understand why.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday.
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MichelleK said...

Ha! This made me laugh out loud! Happy Belated Mother's Day Mama! Love you :)

Jen said...

So nice that they sent you a card! Cute post.

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blender46 said...

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APMom said...

Too cute. My mom has done the same thing to me on more than one occasion. :)