Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Family Fun in Seifersbach

Jan has a fairly large family on his mother's side. It is always very international around our house partially because his family is czech. Of the three currently living generations, the oldest two include 12 people - of those 12, 11 are women!! Jan is the only male in those two generations, and he is the youngest. With all those women, you can imagine how chaotic some family get-togethers can be! :) We had a nice time last weekend celebrating his cousin, Jana's 50th birthday. A large majority of the family drove out to their farm for the big bash. She lives about 4 hours away in former East Germany. We stayed with the neighbors who have a little guest house. It was our first mini-trip with Blaise and all things considered, it went well. We even decided to use the cloth diapers while away and I'm so glad we did - that was the easiest thing we did all weekend!

Blaise in his carseat on the way - he was great in the car!

Jana dug out many old toys from her grown son for Adrian to play with - he loved being Knight Adrian!

Adrian fencing with Jana's husband, Ralf

Blaise taking a nap on Jana's couch

The matriarch of the family, Jan's eldest aunt, Jitka. Of Noemi's 3 sisters, she is the only one who still lives near Prague. We love visiting her! She is so sweet and she reminds me of my maternal slovak Grandma even if I can't understand what she is saying. She loves to cook and loves to eat even more!

Blaise and Daddy hanging out in the shade

Toasting to the birthday girl (middle back in purple)

Jan's eldest cousin, Jitush. She also lives in Prague so we don't get to see her too often.

Family photo before taking off on Sunday morning

Two of Jan's aunts, Jitka and Jana, ogling Blaise before we left Sunday morning. You can tell he is smiling at them by his cute cheek sticking out! :)


jenlnew said...

Looks like you had a wonderful family reunion! YAY for Blaise's 1st trip that went well (heard about the monitor incident, luckily you were able to borrow one!)! And OMGoodness, Adrian has gotten so big!

APMom said...

1. Blaise is soooooo adorable!
2. Adrian is soooooo adorable!

The Schroeders sure make some cute babies! :)

Jen said...

Wow, has Adrian gotten big. How old is he now? Looks like you guys had a great trip and a good practice round for Blaise. He'll be quite the traveler after his trip this fall!

Michelle said...

Adrian will be 4 this july! can you believe it? he was 5 months at our wedding.