Sunday, February 8, 2009

One Month Old - February 7, 2009

Dear Blaise,

You are one month old today. Thank you for enriching our lives, we can’t imagine life without you now after having you for just a few short weeks. You have already taught us so much. We have learned the amazing love of having a child. We have learned to be thankful for good health. We have learned to be strong for you when you need us most. We have learned (or have been reminded of) what wonderful friends and family we have who supported us throughout your hospital stay. It has been a wild ride, your first month, one that has made us different people and taught us not to take things for granted. You scared us a lot in the first few days of your short life, but you are such a strong little guy and got healthy so quickly. We will always remember Dr. Weltzien as your guardian angel – we entrusted you into her hands and she gave you back whole again. The best day was when we were able to leave the hospital with you. We packed you up in your buggy and walked home with you. We walked through the park and down the hill and then brought you upstairs to your new home. You were three weeks old and hadn’t known any other home but the hospital. You had wonderful doctors and nurses, but they weren’t here anymore to watch over you, you were left only with Mommy and Daddy. We hope that we can take care of you as well as they did. We surely love you lots. You have checked out your new home and you really like the windows and your red light on the heating lamp. Grandpa wonders what you think about the birds that fly by the windows, but we’re not sure you can see them yet. You are doing a great job of exercising your neck muscles when looking at the window. We are looking forward to what the next month will bring - surely lots of smiles and cuddles. You are a great cuddler! Thank you for being our Baby Blaise, we love you!


Dr. Weltzien


IUgirl78 said...

What a sweet letter, Michelle! I know Blaise's first month was different than what you had hoped/expected it would be like. Thank goodness for great doctors and nurses who were there to take such great care of him. I love the pictures--he just looks like a little doll! I can't wait to read more about his adventures!

Jen said...

Blaise is so precious. I just loved the pictures you posted and the letter was wonderful. I'm so glad you guys are home and getting settled, although I'm sure your lives have been turned upside down in a good way! Thank you for sharing the journey thus far. I look forward to future posts about your little guy. What a sweetheart!!!

APMom said...

Welcome home, Baby Blaise!!! We're so thankful you are growing stronger and healthier each day. You are a lucky little guy to have such loving and strong parents. We can't wait until we get to meet you in person. Make sure your Mommy takes lots of pictures and sends them to us so we can watch you grow.

Matt and Tara said...

I haven't read your letter yet, but that video was the cutest! Congrat you all!