Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last Day of Work

Today was my last official day of work. My maternity leave begins tomorrow. It is law that you must stop working 6 weeks before your scheduled due date. I have 7 weeks to go, but I had a few leftover vacation days that I wanted to use up. On Friday my colleagues threw me a surprise farwell/good luck with baby party - it was super sweet, but a little strange to think I won't be back for so long. I will take off the first year of Baby's life and am planning on returning in January of 2010. 2010!

I have about 3 weeks before my parents arrive. My goal is to have a project for everyday. Tomorrow my projects are ironing shirts and finishing my knitting project (yes, I started knitting!). I still have some leftover loose ends to tie up at work, so I'll probably work on that in the afternoon. Maybe I'll even plan dinner for tomorrow night - but I don't want to take on too much at once, we'll see how everything else goes :)


IUgirl78 said...

WOW! I'm super envious of your time off! That will be so neat to be home for the first year. It's good you have a lot of projects in the next couple of weeks. I had two weeks off before Reese was born and had nothing to do but wait. Good luck keeping busy!

APMom said...

I am also super envious of the time off! I was off about one week prior to both Allison's and Peyton's births. With Allison I was going a bit stir crazy, but with Peyton I relished every minute that I was able to spend with Allison.