Thursday, October 23, 2008

Toys Containing Banned Plastics Still on Market

Today there was an article in the Wall Street Journal about plastic toys that contain chemicals called pthalates. They have been found to be harmful to children, and are being banned in the U.S. as of February 2009. If you are planning to buy for babies (including ours!) PLEASE take this into account during the next few months. Retailers are marking down prices on these toys, making them even more tempting to buy. THEY ARE NOT SAFE.

Articles like this strengthen my desire to raise a plastic free baby as much as possible. Being green is a one day at a time pursuit. I am far from perfect, and I choose one project at a time. My current project is laundry detergent...that is a different post, I promise.

If you are looking for safe toys for babies and children, look for wooden, natural fabric, and metal toys - i.e. sans plastics.

I'm sure you can find local stores that sell good quality toys as well... even large retailers carry them!

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IUgirl78 said...

Gosh, I had to stop reading that because it scared me too much. Even though I nursed, my kids had bottles when I was at work or away from them. I hadn't even heard of this plastic thing until the past few months. I just hate to think that I've exposed my kids to something unsafe. But I definitely don't blame you for wanting to be cautious!